Brain-Fu, Soduko, and the National Dog Show

Would anyone like to guess why my sister is my favorite?




Because she is capable of waking up with me at 3:32 AM and being in the car heading to the airport by 3:38 AM.

Note to self…the OKC airport is busy at 4:00AM. Brooke, you aren’t in Kansas anymore! Why was I thinking an hour would be enough time to be checked in, through security and to our gate? Oh…because I’m from where things are semi-slowed paced and that’s how things are in some parts of the world at 4:00AM. It worked out. Bailey’s frequent flyer status got us the fancy TSA pre-check title. Hello everyone standing in line taking your shoes off…I’m with her! Arrived at the gate just as they were loading.

Hello zero waiting. Hello extra 6 inches of leg room because I said yes, I would love to bust down the emergency exit door if we go down and assist people to the wing of the plane! Hello pleasant man sitting next to us reading your bible and nerding out with your OSHA safety posters nicely placed in your architect-like cardboard tube! We were a fan of your “safety nerd” self who was a pleasant airplane seat neighbor.

Next flight.

Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Oh sweet heavens if you kick the back of my chair one more time and don’t end this 20-minute hissy fit you’ve been throwing, I’m going to…think bad thoughts (but we all know that’s not what I was really thinking)! I mean I felt bad for the mother for the first five minutes thinking…oh I can so relate. We’ve all been there. Oh he’s just fine. Blah blah. What parents who’ve been there normally think, but after the kid referred to the person sitting next to mom as “stupid” and nothing was done…all sympathy was gone!

The kid was finally given another “prize” (in addition to the upcoming Disney World trip) and stopped screaming.

Brain-Fu, Sudoku, and the National Dog Show took up the majority of my flight. According to Brain-Fu, I am a borderline genius. According to Sudoku…maybe only in certain areas.

The National Dog Show raised lots of questions.

  • Why do all the dog handlers run so un-athleticly?
  • Why don’t they get to wear sweat-suits and tennis shoes?
  • Why does it look like they lick the dog treat before giving it to them?
  • Does the National Dog Show Association issue those interesting thin leashes?
  • Why do some dogs have hair that is so long they can’t see anything and their handler expects them to run in a straight line?
  • Can I have your dog to give to my hot, dog-loving husband since yours knows how to not eat backdoors, hammocks, lawn furniture, etc.

Got off the plane. Got on the shuttle. I would’ve tipped the driver a little more had you not smacked your darn peppermint for 17 minutes. (Oh my gosh. Conferences bring out the most judgmental side of me!)

On a positive note, Jen Hatmaker’s book “7” makes me excited about life, makes me question the society I live in, and makes me wonder what the response is I’d get if I only wore 7 articles of clothing for the next month. If you see me in the same outfit for weeks in a row…don’t mind me.

AND this white girl got to lay out by the pool next to her not so white sister and do nothing for at least an hour.


Quote of the Day:

To be honest, I’m just winging it. Life, motherhood, my outfit, everything.

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