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Motherhood stories. It started with a sandbox and a muddy-faced little boy. I had just bought my first prime lens (a nifty 50) and simply wanted to document the days. I started offering free sessions and photographed anything and everything people would ask for. The fun shoots. The shoots that were like pulling teeth. All of them. So for quite some time I muddled through trying to figure out where my heart was in this business.

Motherhood stories catch so many deep emotions!

Which brings me to this. Motherhood! I’ve learned over the years that my favorite photos are never posed. They don’t consist of all eyes locking into the camera, but they are the images that make me feel something. If I said motherhood in itself didn’t make me feel something I’d be lying. Yesterday after questioning whether it was a full moon or not, I walked out of the house. I did not tell anyone where I was going. Adios amigos! See ya…after I go buy you all groceries. (Don’t worry, my husband was there.) Motherhood carries with it so many deep emotions. Love, joy, struggle, challenge, frustration, happiness, confusion, excitement. You name it, motherhood probably brings it out.

When Clarissa asked me to take photos of her and her daughters, I was so pumped. I knew Clarissa years ago when she first started college. Now to see her as a momma to twin girls was great! Her love for them was beyond evident. Patient and kind and just an overall warm and friendly human being. Not only is she a fantastic momma, but in just a few short weeks she will graduate with her bachelor’s degree! Being a student myself to four kiddos, I completely understand the late nights and the drive it takes to be a mom, employee, and student. So excited for her upcoming graduation and that I was able to meet her sweet girls!

If you’d like to schedule, holler at me here, and let me know you’d like a motherhood stories session.

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