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Motherhood Road

His stinky 5-year-old foot fit perfectly into the knapsack I just spent seven minutes attaching to the bottom of his leg. “Mom, tie this bandana on my foot!!” he said before instructing me on how to do this properly. (As if the boy scouts [he never attended] had taught him the specifics on this bandana-foot-tying process.)

Once the job met his standards, he then proceeded to change into his pajamas…which meant removing the bandana so that I could redo it two minutes later. In the midst of my kid-foot-knapsacking, I made the terrible decision to smell Everly’s socks.

“How many days have you worn these in a row?”

“Just two.”

The smell said otherwise. So, yes, I ran the washing machine for a “load” of laundry that held only two socks. The two socks that Everly will wear without acting like her life is crumbling around her.

No one ever taught me how to properly tie a bandana around a child’s foot. No one ever taught me how much laundry detergent needed to go into a load of laundry that held two socks. Lessons were not provided to me on how to navigate keeping calm when my kids are losing their mind over who got to push the elevator button.

Specific instructions aren’t given to us on how to balance motherhood and wifehood and personhood and employee-hood and student-hood and housekeeper-hood and all the other hoods.


Both wrangling four kids on a day-to-day basis, my sister and I take turns being the one on the verge of losing it and the one trying to keep the other sane. After a two week stint of me being sick and becoming overwhelmed by laundry and dishes and mothering and life, my sister took on the cheerleader role. She sent me a devotional and one of the sentences grabbed my attention. “Please walk this motherhood road with me.” -Becky Keife

This was a simple prayer from another momma who experiences the joy and the challenge of motherhood. Another momma who sees her desperation for God’s guidance.

God, please give me wisdom. Teach me to love. To pray. How to seek you first. To honor you with my life. Give me strength. Teach me to be patient. Guide me with the Holy Spirit. Give me boldness so that I might speak Your name. Thank You for forgiveness. For grace. Jesus. For my family. A roof over our heads. Food. Ponytail holders. Sweatpants and chocolate milk.

These are some of the things I commonly pray…but the amount of times I’ve prayed specifically for God to teach me how to be a good mother or to walk this motherhood road with me have been few and far between.

Be With Me

I have spent my fair share of time feeling inadequate in motherhood. Doubting my ability to give these kids the love they deserve. Wondering if I was equipped to be the mother they need. Questioning the decisions I’ve made, both big and small. And I pray often… but, why have I failed to pray specifically about this?

I don’t want to pray “please walk this motherhood road with me” phrase in a cheesy-strolling-down-the-street type of way, but be with me.

Be with me.

In the struggle. When overwhelmed by the joy. In the heartache. When flooded with excitement. In the new. The monotonous. In the middle of the night when I’m exhausted. The mornings when no one is feeling it. In the frustration when my child doesn’t want to wear anything but one outfit or one pair of socks. Be with me.

Be with me in the unknown. In the good. The bad. In the mess. When dishes are overflowing from the sink. When neck deep in laundry. In the homework. The snacks. In the meals that no one appreciates. Be with me. At the birthday parties. The graduations. The emergency rooms. The failures. The successes. Be with me.

There is not a handbook on motherhood. We are often faced with situations that are completely absurd. Situations we have no idea how to handle and no idea who to ask that might be able to give us insight. Despite the fact you may feel like you’re flying solo…He is already with us. Even before we pray these types of prayers for Him to be with us. He is already there. (Just a few of the many verses about God being with His people: Matthew 1:23; Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 41:10; Deuteronomy 31:6; 8; Zephaniah 3:17; Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5; Psalm 23:4)

Ninja Child

Do you have a ninja child? Everly is mine. The kind of child that essentially floats around the house, not making a sound when they walk up next to you…and then all of a sudden you see a small human standing there and you about pee your pants and die from the surprise. They may have been standing there for five minutes for all you know, but you don’t recognize there presence.

God, is with us on this motherhood road and, although I don’t know God’s thoughts because they are higher than mine, I highly doubt he’s ninja-ing around hoping we don’t recognize it.

Please let Your presence permeate every ounce of our existence. Be with us. Walk this road with us.

To the worn out, exhausted, alone, worried, joyful, happy, frustrated, content, or _________, turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

Bye friends! 🙂

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