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My List of Things I Probably Won’t Accomplish in 2023…

Over the years I have learned that I am a phenomenal planner/preparer, but am terrible at the execution. I really live my life based on what I feel like doing in the moment instead of with any ounce of discipline. I love New Year resolutions, but I’d bet you $42 dollars I won’t carry out more than about three of these. When trying to develop new habits, Andrew Huberman (my favorite neuroscientist […wait you don’t have a favorite neuroscientist?] and podcast host), suggests picking 6 new habits, writing them down, and aiming to incorporate 4-6 per day for 21 days and see which ones become habits. If you’re interested in the science behind it all, he breaks this down into more detail (leveraging time after waking and serotonin, cortisol, and adrenaline levels, rest, which types of habits are best to perform at which phases during the day, and more) at the following site:

But for those of you not interested in neuroscience, here’s my list of things I probably won’t accomplish in 2023.

  1. Learn to like drinking hot tea
  2. Lose 14 pounds by March 1st
  3. Lay down my night owl tendencies and become a morning person
  4. Read a book a month
  5. Go on a mini-vacation with Kyle
  6. Take the kids to the river at least 3 times this summer
  7. Take the kids to White Water (or whatever the heck it’s called now)
  8. Eat more chikin
  9. Figure out how to love yoga
  10. Do yoga 4 times a week
  11. Turn our shop into a home gym
  12. Call Uncle Dusty to electrify our shop to become a home gym
  13. Avoid paying any more Share Medical Center bills
  14. Become friends with someone in my new (old) town who knows it’s okay to show up unannounced at my door, eat my food without asking, and calls me just to talk and is open to this love being reciprocated.
  15. Finish the first draft of a book
  16. Spend time with Jesus daily in my peace place
  17. Go on a date with Kyle at least once a month
  18. Keep the five plants I have alive
  19. Keep the already established outside plants alive
  20. Drink my entire hydrojug once a day
  21. Throw my cell phone in the river and revert to a landline
  22. Finish Kyle’s grizzly bear quilt
  23. Sew myself an old-timey quilt with 2 inch squares all over it and then attached my already cozy blanket to the back of it.
  24. Make Malachi a shark quilt
  25. Purchase and wrap all Christmas presents by December 15th, 2023
  26. Drink a highland chocolate milk once a week
  27. Run a half marathon in April 2023
  28. Buy a second fitted sheet
  29. Retrieve my old dresser from my cousin’s house to get it out of their way
  30. Have a garage sale
  31. Paint my bedroom
  32. Take the kids hiking at Red Rock at least once a week in the summer
  33. Pass my CMPC exam
  34. Teach Hads to do ball handling drills
  35. Convince Everly to race my brother

P.S. The photo here does not include what I’m doing tonight. If you know me, you know I’m sitting in my yoga pants not sipping champagne out of beautiful glasses or eating nicely chopped fruit, but yes…I will probably eat some blueberries later thanks to Kroger.

P.S.S. Kroger has really flippin’ great bags.

Happy New Year!

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