Mine Stories

My Snoopy outfit apparently had me feeling faster than I really was. I hit the garage door button and took off running to slide under before it closed. Eight year old me didn’t make it. The door came down on top of my belly and then bounced up and down until my screaming brought my … Continue reading Mine Stories

Chasing Armadillos

Hello world! It’s been a bit since I’ve checked in and said hi. For some reason I really like stimulating my brain and started back to my doctorate a few weeks ago. Considering my words have been spent reporting on the fantastic ideas of performance psychology, sometimes my brain has no wit left to share…but … Continue reading Chasing Armadillos

Basking in Redemption

Aside from Hads’ curly lock of hair in a ziplock baggy from her first haircut, and a few other “first” things, I wouldn’t really consider myself sentimental. For the most part, I let things go! However, I would consider myself extremely sentimental in the life-things…thinking back on memories,  people, how they shaped my life, etc. … Continue reading Basking in Redemption