Mom hard, my friends!

This picture is proof of where I am. Momming hard in a messy house (that you can’t see). Nursing a baby, helping with homework, letting a two-year old “fix” my hair. This year I purchased a minivan and a fanny-pack (do not be alarmed…it’s a sexy fanny pack)! Never thought I’d see the day, but … Continue reading Mom hard, my friends!

Swedish Fish in My Pocket

Kyle: Would you like to know why there’s a Swedish Fish in my pocket?  Me: Weird face Kyle: Because Everly put it there. Let’s be real. Kids are strange little things. As I was making french toast (minus the egg –per Hads request) last night, I looked over and Hads was putting a hammer in a stick of butter. During my … Continue reading Swedish Fish in My Pocket

Phoebe Running

Most of the time I don’t look like a criminal, but there was that one time. I was taking a DSM-IV interim session class during my undergraduate program. It was 8 hours a day for a week. The bad student in me decided I needed something else to preoccupy my time as I had heard … Continue reading Phoebe Running