Thousands of Words

When your brain is overly exhausted from work, grading papers, and trying to survive the end of the semester…you give up writing your blog for a couple weeks and simply take a ton of pictures in an effort to conserve your brain power.

Things I would’ve written about if only my brain would’ve been up for the task…but it obviously wasn’t.

  • Malachi playing in the mud and wanting to be held. I was like no way Jose, but Jesus never says no way Jose to those covered in filthiness.
  • My sister’s constantly filled hairbrush and my heroic acts of kindness to clean it out. She knows it was me because she knows me. Just like God’s children know some things are simply from Him because they know His character.
  • Everly wearing the same dress for 6 days straight and how other countries (the many many ones that do this multiple-day-clothes-wearing-thing) have life figured out!
  • What I learned about Kyle on our weekend hiatus to a kidless hotel and 5 uninterrupted meals. He’s a baller at using chopsticks. He takes his hat off in 80% of restaurants just because. When he holds doors open for people he gifts them with a kind look from his pretty blue eyes. He is an extremely tough man to be able to handle all my crazy.
  • How Everly became devastated after she realized her BFF didn’t take her (Everly’s) favorite blanket home. She loves the blanket and wanted her sweet little friend to have what she thought was the best…and how Jesus offers us the best and I wonder how He feels when we forget to take it home with us!

Here’s to my blogging silence over the past few weeks, a jumbled nutshell of lots of thoughts, grades being posted, and sweet little faces!

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