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I clearly remember my first trapper keeper. Navy Blue with Winnie the Pooh on the front cover. I guess the thing that year (6th grade) was to think random cartoons were cool (because I had Winnie the Pooh sheets too). I realize how uncool I was (am), embrace it, and will definitely forgive you if you never come back here.

My nicely placed loose leaf paper, pencil pouch, calculator, compass, and whatever else a 6th grade nerd needed, were perfectly organized inside the binder that shouted “TYPE A!”

High school. My locker was clean. My report was clean. I woke up and worked out. Went to practice. Ate supper then went back to the gym around 9 most nights. Discipline.

I did my chores, did my homework, read my bible every night for years. Discipline!

Fast forward to being a grown up. Wait…What’s that word?

Recognizing my lack of any skills remotely close to resembling discipline, for kicks and giggles, I googled “how to be disciplined?” Here’s what I found from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/287005.

  1. Know your weakness
  2. Remove Temptations
  3. Set clear goals and have an execution plan
  4. Build your self-discipline
  5. Create new habits by keeping it simple
  6. Eat often and healthy
  7. Change your perception about willpower
  8. Give yourself a backup plan
  9. Reward yourself
  10. Forgive yourself and move forward

Brooke’s steps on How not to be disciplined…

  1. Stay up really late so you are incapable of waking up early
  2. Become a professional flaker
  3. Listen to how you “feel”
  4. Overwhelm yourself with life
  5. Own being a frazzled mess who drives a struggle-bus
  6. Tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow
  7. Make excuses when friends show up to your house unannounced and your house resembles utter chaos that exploded
  8. Be okay with only coming up with 8 reasons to counteract the 10 listed above. Who needs Type A anything around here?

For more kicks and giggles, how about I try coming up with something to consider for the author’s ten steps.

  1. Weaknesses – I, sadly, aimlessly scroll through Facebook looking at stupid junk for far too long some days. I really like this show call “Blindspot.” It makes me think I work for the FBI and I walk through my office building peaking around corners pretending someone’s on the other side ready to attack. I don’t like planning because what if I wake up and don’t “feel” like doing what I’d planned to do.
  2. Remove temptations – Get rid of my smart phone so I can’t access Facebook. Buy a landline and kindly ask people to call me instead of texting so we can avoid Facebook and bring back verbal communication. Put a huge sheet over my TV with a note that says, “Brooke, NO!” Planning – um…no, no thank you! I will refuse to be a planner forever and always. (Obviously this excludes my dream-planning. That will still take place)
  3. Set clear goals and have an execution plan – This is literally my job. I help people set clear goals and action steps to attain those goals. I even created a template in an online management system. Why can’t I seem to figure it out. Okay goals. Goal 1) Do one load of laundry a day. Wait wait…let’s not be overzealous. Do 2 loads of laundry a week. Action step – Clean laundry room (done as of an hour ago-see what I did there). Convince husband and children to place clothes in laundry hamper instead of next to hamper. Put up clothes currently residing in laundry baskets so I can utilize the baskets for new clean clothes. Goal 2) Try not to lose mind each morning. Action step – do laundry so your children have clothes to wear (see goal 1). Goal 3) Clean out van.  Action Step 1 – clean van. Action step 2 – don’t let children back in van…ever. Goal 4) Trim hedges. Action Step – wait until children are old enough to watch themselves so I can go outside for an hour without wondering who climbed up the stairs and fell, who tried to eat a quarter, or who decided playing in the toilet was a good idea. Well…we see where this is going.
  4. Build self-discipline – Wait I thought this was what I was doing.
  5. Create new habits by keeping it simple – Three children five and under and you are throwing out the term simple? (But on this note, I like that song called Simplicity)
  6. Eat often and healthy! First half of this…yes! Second half…I ate chicken, asparagus, and red potatoes today. Semi-healthy, ay? (Probably not after what I did to the asparagus.)
  7. Change your perception about will-power. Okay…one of my spiritual gifts (according to a 2018 survey) is faith. I believe God is able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine…maybe I just need to start believing some God-sized miracles that will rejuvenate my ability to be disciplined.
  8. Give yourself a backup plan. Wait…didn’t we just discuss me no…not ever planning? How do I have a backup plan if I don’t even have an initial plan?
  9. Reward yourself. Hmm…I would like one pedicure please while sitting in the massagey chair. And can someone make me dinner and clean my whole house too!?
  10. Forgive yourself and move forward. Forgiveness…I can handle that!

I think I can handle a few of these. If a Type Smigilishinoo was once a Type A person you would think she could at least find a way to be organized and disciplined in some areas of her life again. I’m on my way!

Alarm clock set for 4:52 AM.

Wait…12:40, 1:40, 2:40, 3:40, 4:40.

Um…maybe tomorrow!

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