I should just drive…

Germany (2008) – Flight delayed from DFW, missed connecting flight to Germany.

China (2010) – Coming back from being gone for a month and a half. Couldn’t fly into Chicago for some reason or another so we had to land in Green Bay and sit there on the ground on the plane for two hours because they didn’t have customs. Might I add this flight contained 60 junior high/high school band kids. Finally get to DFW, sprint through airport, make it to the gate as they are closing the door.

Phoenix (2016) – Coming home. Get to DFW. Delay, delay, delay…delay. Someone gets arrested. Delay. Listen to some late people (to another plane) screaming at the gate agent because they won’t let them on. The lady gives and lets them on. Get on the plane. 10 minutes from OKC the pilot says we have to go back to Dallas. Ten fire trucks meet us on the runway as we are landing. Stay the night in the airport. Meet a lady who survived the OKC bombing. Forever regret not asking her her story. Slept on the floor.

Orlando (today) – Coming home. Get to airport, get on plane, delay, delay, delay. Two hours later they finally tell us to unload and come back to the gate in two hours. Book different connecting flight because we’ve missed ours. Still in progress…

And I attempted to tell my sister I rarely had issues with traveling. She may rest her case.

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