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June 24th

Aside from the fact that I was blessed to marry the kindest, most tender-hearted, loving man on the planet… here are some of the other things that were my favorite at our wedding…

A pot belly pig and two little goats were in attendance. I also heard all the animals got out at one point and the preacher/property owner was chasing them around trying to get them back in the pen.


Kyle and I had our wedding in my sister’s in-laws’ backyard (now her backyard) and her father-in-law (our previous pastor) married us. One of my best friends and her sisters planned the whole thing (if you need a wedding planner let me know)!

Our photographer, Molly (who’s a rock climber and has the best looking shoulders ever…and took all of these photos!!) set off smoke bombs and then snapped photos. A few people thought it was real smoke! fullerwedding -1

My husband got back from his annual training for the National Guard six days before the wedding. We would’ve planned it for the day after he got back, but we all know I love his scruff and the army says to shave your face so…we waited six days! wedding_day-62

I walked in to A Thousand Years Piano/Cello Cover.

My engagement ring (a pearl) and my wedding band are 100% my favorite!! wedding_day-193

My three year old daughter walked me down the aisle. wedding_day-143

We let Beans run as she wished because there was no stopping her. She tried to escape multiple times.wedding_day-149

We had Chips Ahoy cookies (chewy and crunchy) and bottles of milk instead of cake and punch. wedding_day-128

I wrote Kyle a tiny book for a wedding gift titled “A Fuller Life” (because I was not and am still not bored with my last name word play).


One of my husband’s groomsmen and my husband both cried after we walked back down the aisle. Manly tender hearts are the best!

The ceremony lasted maybe 7 minutes!

Afterwards people went swimming!

We did nothing traditional. No first dance, no father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, no garter/bouquet toss, no feeding each other cake.

We rode off on a Harley, went to a quick-stop about a mile away, went back to the house and got our car to go on our honeymoon!


This man was an answer to thousands of prayers. Two years ago I began experiencing God’s magnificence in an entirely new way as He used a humble human being to teach me about a different kind of love, trust and kindness (to name a few). I understand the word “redeem” in a very interesting way now. I’ve seen God do miraculous work on the tiniest details. I’ve seen Him heal, mend, restore, and bring trust into pieces of my life that I once thought were incapable of repair. I sometimes think God meticulously wove our lives together in an effort to show off and let me experience just how great He is! Happy two years Kyle! 🙂 wedding_day-61

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