Labor and the Police Academy

That one time you couldn’t really decide if your labor was real or not, your husband was 4 hours away, and the consequences of missing a class was even more class added onto the 15 weeks!

In honor of Malachi David turning one tomorrow, here’s the conversation between two indecisive parents trying to figure out their lives! (PS I’m not always this rude to him…I was trying to (or not to) have a baby!)

I could just go ahead and get in the car

That one was just “mild.” (Said in a sarcastic voice)

Lol. I’m kinda anxious. If I was home it’d be one thing but it sucks being here [4 hours away] waiting for it to come.

You could always head toward Corey’s for the night in case.

I could. But if I end up going to class tomorrow I have to be here at 6:30

And if you end up missing your child’s birth by 45 minutes you might be bummed.

This is true

Let me tell you what’s happening in 30 minutes


Still going

I don’t know what I should do

Well let’s look at worst case scenario…You stay there.. your wife gets to do this labor thing for three hours by myself. You get in the car…you might have to wake up at 5am.

Or I could just come home. Cause I feel like you will more than likely have a baby this weekend.

Well if they stop in an hour you can always turn around and go back, but if they keep coming you will be an hour closer? 

What are you deciding?

I’m going to leave Ada. I’ll head towards Corey’s. If things change I’ll come all the way home. 


Let me know about 10 miles out. They are holding pretty steady (and I am laying in bed) and getting more painful.

Okay. I’m actually going to go to my parents I think. That way I’ll be even closer.

Okay just drive quickly please! But don’t wreck.

Or I might just head home? What do you think?

Just head this direction! 

New plan. Just head home!

Ok baby I’m headed your way.


How’s it going?

Let’s just say if you were here we would already be heading to the hospital! Have you told your parents yet?

I told him I was headed to Alva and that we would call them when we head to the hospital.

Okay cool!

(In the meantime, calls friend for a ride to the hospital. Halfway there…)

I would get stopped by a train!!

Meets husband on side of the road in a police car. Gets in the back of police car. Feels like she’s going to have a baby in the back of a police car. Brooke, do not have a baby in the back of a police car!

Finally makes it to the hospital. Has a baby BOY in the hospital…with husband present just before 4:00 AM.

I love this story! It’s hard to believe he will be one tomorrow!

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