Stealing Covers

I have to take a second and pause from my normal sarcastic, messy posts in order to throw out a mushy one dedicated to my handsome, blue-eyed, sexy-bearded husband who puts up with my madness! People who read Noes to Knows: Meet Kyle! Normally words come easily, but they don’t always flow well when I’m writing about this man! I have often told him that there simply aren’t enough words…

It was a year ago this month that Kyle started a new job as a police officer. I was practically popping with a baby when he went off to the police academy. On Thursday night of his second week, he got a call from his wife who was four hours away. 

Hey, I’m having contractions…maybe you should stay at your brothers so you’ll be a little closer, just in case

Thirty minutes later…Hey, uh maybe you should go on to your parents to be a little closer.

Thirty minutes later. Baby, please hurry!

An hour later…Um…I don’t think I can wait. Kaylyn’s going to drive me. We’ll meet you on the side of the road.

My friend comes to get me and asks how far apart my contractions are. Oh probably 4-5 minutes.Inaccurate! Two to three minutes was more like it. Halfway to the hospital (which was an hour and twenty minutes away)…we finally saw Kyle…who just happened to be driving a work vehicle (AKA a police car). We stop on the side of the road, make it through another contraction or two and I hop in the back (yes, of course I chose to arrive at the hospital in the back of a police car)!

Two hours later just before 4:00AM, our little dude entered the world. Looking just like his dad! We did all the fun new baby hospital stuff…went back home and he had to leave again the following Monday night to go back to the academy. 

For 15 long weeks, this man would drive four hours south every Monday night and come back every Friday night. He finally graduated, but had to go back to make up the class he missed. Although he only missed one day for this little baby coming into the world he had to make up the whole block of instruction…which was an extra week! On the Thursday before the last day of his make up week, he got called up to go help with hurricane relief with his National Guard unit. Two weeks later he finally made it home from that. He came back to “normal” life and started working night shifts. Three months later, started working a power shift. All this long, drawn out explanation to say that this man has not slept at home for more than four consecutive nights in 8 months. Please don’t take this as complaining…I am not!

So why am I writing this?? 

Tonight is the last night!!! For the next three months I get to have him home every single night. For those of you who have hubbies who get to sleep in the same bed as you, don’t take it for granted!! Snuggle those hubbies like it’s going out of style! For those of you who are military wives, police wives, firefighter wives, EMT wives, etc…I know the feeling! Hang in there! Be proud of those hubbies! 

This dude is by far one of the most humble men I know so he is probably cringing that I wrote an entire blog post about him…but I have to brag on him a bit. So thankful I’m married to a man who desires to serve others…and so thankful that I, once again, have someone to steal the covers from!

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