All the Gossip

I wonder what it’s like to think about nothing?

  • I need to buy a portable building to turn into a photography studio.
  • I need to clean out my garage, close it in, insulate, sheet rock, lay a floor, call an electrician, and turn my garage into a studio.
  • I want to go to the Sea of Galilee! Israel. Visit the Jordan River! Stand where the heavens opened up! Ride in a wooden boat like the disciples.
  • Maybe I’ll turn my basement into a studio.
  • Hmm…turn my music room…nope…sewing room into a studio.
  • Nope no studio in my house because I’m not clean enough to have people in it!
  • I love this weather.
  • I need to win the lottery to fund my big ideas!
  • That would require buying a lottery ticket and I’m way to frugal to do that.
  • No lottery for me.
  • I need a friend who has a really old shed they want to drop in my lot.
  • Maybe I’ll turn my lot into a huge bed of wildflowers.
  • Would the city give me a ticket for that?
  • Maybe I should build a fence around my lot before I plant my wildflowers…so I don’t get a ticket.
  • That tree needs to go because it’s attracting those stupid bugs.
  • I need to borrow a chainsaw. Surely I could chop it down.
  • Then I could have more fires! Nope the bugs would stay if I kept the wood.
  • Man I miss Kyle’s Harley…but what a family friendly minivan this is?
  • I want to read three books tonight.
  • And make (white-girl) enchiladas!
  • I want to be Taya Smith.
  • Maybe I’ll run to the baseball field tonight and listen to Jami Smith since I can’t be Taya Smith.
  • Jami’s voice is so freaking deep!
  • I love Jami Smith and her deep voice.
  • That rasp!
  • YES!
  • Shane and Shane! That song YEARN! Yes, please!
  • Once upon a time my English teacher told me I reminded her of a writer she knew of that could talk about like 13 topics on one page.
  • It all makes sense.
  • Oh my gosh! That harmony in Yearn.
  • Isn’t one of the Shane’s married to Bethany Dillon?
  • Oh I miss the days I’d sit in my best friend’s bedroom (the nicely done basement) and play that Bethany Dillon song.
  • I loved her American flag high top converse. Jessica’s! Not Bethany’s!
  • Can she please be my neighbor again?
  • Maybe I’ll put a tiny house on my wildflower, fenced-in lot and ask her family of five to move into it.
  • Then we’d have house church.
  • Or under the tree church (if I left the stupid bug tree).
  • Remember that time at base camp when I woke you up to say bye because you were going to one part of the world and I was going to another part of the world to love on people?
  • One of the most annoying things…craving food that requires an international flight to obtain.
  • Food…
  • Enchiladas!

Bye friends! 🙂

P.S.This had nothing to do with gossip…but the time I titled something with the word “rumor” in it, the post got 200% more views than normal (actually I didn’t do the math, but it was significant)…so thought I’d test  it again.

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