Who put you in charge of the bubbles?

Buddy, do not eat that bar of soap!

Who put you in charge of the bubbles??

Please do not eat my nose!

Can you all please humor me for a moment and comment on this post with the most random thing(s) you said to your child(ren) this week?

Parenting is the most interesting thing I’ve ever experienced. Last night I had put my girlies to bed and sat down to rock little man to sleep. For at least 7 minutes he laughed at my face and then started trying to eat my nose.

Earlier that evening, my kiddo had asked to go watch her little friend play his soccer game. I walk up to the field and see one of my best friends 6 year old laying in the middle of the field. As his mom tried to get him off the field I just thought…You are not alone!

At least 4 out of the 5 days I pick my daughter up from school, the absolute first words out of her mouth to me are, “Can we get a milkshake?” Are you kidding me? I carried you around for 9 months, shoved you out of me, have somehow, by the grace of God, managed to keep you alive for 5.5 years and I can’t even get a “hey, mom?!”

I fall asleep next to my hot hubby and somehow wake up light-years from him as multiple tiny bodies attempt to play the church camp PDA patrol.

Why must you touch my leg with your sticky gummy-bear-slobber hands??

How many times must I say, “Oh sorry, my house is a mess” before I realize that’s just my life. Why must I clean…ever? I don’t know…I quit. It’s pointless.

These pants feel weird. I will only wear one dress for the next five years. (We’re currently on day 13 out of 16.)


No! No you aren’t! (As I google “starving children” and show my well fed little people a visual). This is what starving looks like! (As I then question my decision making skills as a parent.)


Then there are the moments of “mom, you’re a dood mom!”

And then they sleep. And they’re cute. And they aren’t back talking. And then you sit there wondering how in the world they are as big as they are. And then you remember they lost their first tooth last week…and they started riding their bike without training wheels. The first time they made a noise resembling “I love you.” And then you wonder if you are doing anything good. You question whether or not you loved them enough that day. How you’d make it through a day if they weren’t there. How you are so excited to see what they are like when they are no longer controlled by candy or bubbles and are able to have actual conversations with you.

Here’s to never knowing what to expect!!

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