Identity – Uncertainty – Simplicity

Sometimes I don’t write because I have nothing to say. Sometimes I don’t write because I have way too many thoughts in my head to even begin to let them escape my mind. Sometimes I don’t write because I receive a “Domain Name Expiration Notice” and I’m too busy going back and forth about whether I’m going to break up with my blog or not. But maybe I’ll keep it around a little longer to document my new lifestyle!

  • Identity
  • Uncertainty
  • Simplicity

These are the three words that have boggled my mind over the past month. Each one holds so much. So many thoughts linked to each of these words.

I graduated high school, went to college, started working full-time two weeks before graduation and eight years later I am eight (work) days away from the last day. I was going through things today in my office realizing that although I know my identity lies in Christ, I also know that as I leave this place next week so much of who I am changes. I was going through emails and files and documents thinking that in eight days none of it will matter (to me) anymore. It will no longer be my stress to address.

I’m stepping out into a completely new place of uncertainty. Uncertain about how I’ll function in this new role. Oh believe me I am thrilled about this uncertainty…and fully believe this is where I’m supposed to be. Not uncertain about my decision to leave…just the day to day types of things in what my new life will look like. The relationships I’ve had at my workplace, the relationships I’ll develop in this new stage. The things I’ll learn about myself, my husband, God’s character, my children. So many things!

And simplicity!!! I purged and purged and cleaned and cleaned this weekend and with every bag or tub removed from each room…a better realization of the beauty of simplicity!

I was talking with Hads last night about her Christmas list and using the whole “Want, Need, Wear, Read” way! I was explaining the difference between wants and needs. After explaining, I said, “Okay, so what are some things you need?” She made the face that confirms she is thinking hard and said, “Mom, I don’t think I “need” anything.”

It was a simple reminder of God’s goodness and provision. My family has everything we need and then some. We are clothed! We are fed! We are sheltered! Why not just bask in some simplicity for awhile…or forever please!

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