It’s 2019 and life is different!

I woke up with a numb thumb on Sunday. I’m guessing it was from tweaking my wrist snowboarding the few days before. Or maybe it’s because I’m getting old and will begin developing strange ailments over the next 75 years. Who really knows?

I’ve been gone from my job for 10 days now. I’m not counting the first few because I was traveling for Christmas and then went to New Mexico, but since being home the past two days I have…

Scrubbed two bathtubs, two toilets and one sink, vacuumed the dust out of and windexed one of my windows in my bedroom (I’ve got to have my hubby help move our bed to get to the others…that’s for another day), taken down the majority of my Christmas stuff. Washed shower liners and shower curtains. Organized the girls drawers. Organized the clothes that no longer fit into nice tubs to wait for the next child to wear them. Took four bags of stuff to the thrift store. Cleaned the girls room, cleaned our room. Dusted off our dressers. Scrubbed my stove, alphabetized my spices and threw out everything that was expired (which was about 3/4 of it). Organized my newborn photo props. Took the whole family to the track and listened to them play in the dirt for at least half an hour. Started a no-spending spree which consists of spending money on absolutely nothing except groceries and bills (thanks for that idea Jenny Redinger!). My husband is thrilled! Kidding…but he’s on board! ; )

In between all of this there’s been lots of playing. Trampoline jumping. Book reading. Roller skating!

All of these activities have been completed in stretchy pants and sports bras!!

The negatives of this new life…I can’t remember the last time I brushed my teeth. Don’t worry! That’s next on my list.  Gotta start 2019 with fresh breath.

Happy 2019, friends!

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