If COVID had a Facebook, I’d click unfriend.

Kyle – Positive

Brooke – Healthy as a hippo and on my way to becoming more like a hippo.

Hads – No symptoms

Everly – No symptoms

Malachi – No symptoms

Jeremiah – I’m assuming positive because he had the same exact symptoms as Kyle, but we chose not to have a q-tip shoved up his nose to confirm it, so I can’t say for sure.

The dates run together, but we’ve been here in this house for awhile. 

Kyle is free to leave the 23rd. 

Me and the kids have to quarantine until December 7th. 

(Prior to you reading this you should know. 1) Yes, I could have kicked Kyle out of the house to sleep in a tent in a backyard at the beginning of this; however, J was the first one to develop symptoms and I couldn’t kick out my baby who is attached to me. Therefore, we chose to simply not lick the same doorknobs. I suppose I also could have locked Kyle and J in the same room, put on a bunker suit on and went back and forth between caring for the other children and caring for the sick people. 2) Yes, I could have pumped and gave Kyle a bottle to take care of the sick baby, but the child doesn’t take a bottle. (Literally refuses – he went 11 hours without eating while I shot a wedding a few months ago. Figured he shouldn’t go ten days.) We had a dilemma

Question 1: If someone gets symptoms today, do they get to bust out earlier than anticipated?

Say, December 6th rolls around, I get symptoms. Does that mean the kids now have to wait until December 16th to start their 2 week quarantine?

And then say another one gets it December 16th? Do we then have to wait until the 26th and then the healthy ones still wait another two weeks?

On this path, we could be in quarantine for 100 more days. 

Question 2: Will Brooke accept game planning ideas for how to isolate people in my home? Yes. I would gladly accept isolation. (The first wave simply didn’t logistically work with the specific tributes.)

Question 3: Kyle’s false negative? At least it wasn’t my own pregnancy test.

Question 4: What questions are they going to ask me before they let my kids return to school. If they ask if I’ve had symptoms…how the heck do I know? What if I coughed while cleaning out the garage. What if one has a headache from watching too much Gator Boys. Can people just be regular sick anymore?

Question 5: Why are some places of employment saying to stay gone for 10 (14? I’m confused) days after exposure or until you have a negative test and some say, ah…come on as long as you don’t have symptoms.

Question 6: After the 23rd (Kyle’s last day) our 14 day quarantine starts, if Hads decided she wanted to get tested to go back to school (and not miss basketball camp [ahhhh!!!]), could she have a test done and go back if negative or does she have to wait the 14 days no matter what?

Question 7: Who’s in charge here?

Question 8: You know one factor that makes a team effective? Everyone being on the same page. 

Apparently, I’ve been at a separate library in a different country.

To end on a positive note…I can’t remember the last time I put on a real bra so ultimately, I feel like I’m winning some prize here!

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