When the Lights Go Out

Well…here are all (AKA some of those thoughts) I told you I’d write. My oldest daughter has officially been dunked in the water. There are days that I see people baptized and it moves me to tears and excitement…and although I am thrilled for Hads, more than anything I feel the weight (and joy) of … Continue reading When the Lights Go Out

Expect Miracles

Haddi is starting a flower shop. She has precisely 31 little sprouts today. Last month she loathed me because I wouldn’t let her start an animal shelter in our backyard. I’m a much bigger fan of the flower shop.  But 31 isn’t enough. She insists we buy more seeds, more soil, and more of the … Continue reading Expect Miracles

The Deep End

I was standing on the side fully clothed and holding her soon to be 2 year old brother. So being the good mom that I am I quickly sat brother down, threw off my shoes…and started cheering her on with everything inside of me in an effort not to have to jump into the freezing water. Continue reading The Deep End

Shake My Life

Sometimes I’m on the verge of praying for something and I question whether or not I should actually say it. Brooke, if you say that…He might just do it. I sat there thinking and thinking before I finally worked up the courage to ask God to shake my life. I’m so beyond tired of this American-dream life I have. I never asked for this, but I have it…and I don’t want it. I apparently made choices that led to it and I’m not proud of that! Continue reading Shake My Life