The Deep End

A couple weeks ago Hads jumped off my sister’s diving board into the deep end. The kid learned to swim last summer, but between the shock of the cold water/weather combination or maybe the lack of practice over the past nine months, the kid was halfway through the deep end when she started struggling. In my family when five children ask to go swimming (even if it’s only 60 degrees outside), you say yes…and pray you don’t have to jump in after them.

I was standing on the side fully clothed and holding her soon to be 2 year old brother. So being the good mom that I am I quickly sat brother down, threw off my shoes…and started cheering her on with everything inside of me in an effort not to have to jump into the freezing water.

Needless to say…she made it.

I look back over so many points in my life feeling like I was in the same position Hads was. In over my head because of life itself…or in over my head because of some dumb decision I made. I continued to see God’s faithfulness through every one of these situations. Knowing that He was ready to jump in and save me in an instant, but so many times rather than simply taking me out of the waters, He spoke the truth I needed to hear…through Himself, through His Word, or through His people.

There were plenty of times that He completely drug me out of the water I had jumped into and sat me back on dry ground as I sat there thinking…”man, that was dumb.” But there were plenty of times I had to fight tooth and nail to see the end of the battle…and all along feeling Him near.

Psalm 18 is such a sweet remind of this sort of faithfulness. Verse 39 says, “For you have equipped me strength for the battle…”

If you are in the middle of the deep end struggling to keep your head above the water…keep fighting and listen for His truth. He has equipped you with strength for the battle!

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